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    I have a very good friend of mine who applied to the Air Force Academy this year and was deferred from early action to normal selection. He had a pretty strong application with above average SAT scores an average GPA and many leadership positions in extracurriculars activities. He also applied to Texas A&M and received an ROTC scholarship to be in the Corps of Cadets there in case he did not receive an appointment from USAFA. Just yesterday he told me that he was rejected from A&M but instead was accepted to Blinn a community college associated with Texas A&M. He can still be in the Corps but he would like to reapply to USAFA next year if he does not make it this year and is very worried about attending a community college beforehand. What kind of effect would this have on his application next year if he down not receive an appointment this year and is still in AFROTC next year? Thanks.
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    One question the admissions board has to ask itself of any appointment is, can the applicant handle all the individual aspects as well as the entire workload.

    One way they attempt to judge that is by looking at a applicants GPA vs workload vs difficulty level of the school.

    A student that gets straight A's on an extremely light schedule with easy courses...will not look better than a B student taking hard courses in a busy schedule.

    So question one is, why didn't he get accepted to A&M?

    Question 2, how will the course load at the community college stack up to an A&M load?

    3, how highly ranked is this CC compared to A&M?

    It seems that in the last decade or more, USAFA has pushed to reach even higher academic levels...that starts with academically strong candidates.

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