FT. Monroe is...amazing


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Aug 5, 2007
When I asked them to fix something on my account, they accidentally de-activated it because of some technical problem. When I called the chief, she said they can't do anything unless some "anonymous crew" at FT. Knox Kentucky pushes a button to confirm the changes. It's been 2 weeks now, and I'm getting worried. Monroe said they'll get me in touch with an analyst on Wednesday, but I just don't have that kind of time. I'm running out of time :(

Does anyone know where in FT. Knox, Kentucky they have a scholarship branch. I need to call them. If you guys have any knowledge, please share. Army's decentralized scholarship division has been a nightmare to me. Air force has fixed things for me within 12 hours, and so did Navy. Army generally takes weeks to take care of things. I understand they have a large work load, but I think they need more POCs. :frown:
Google or 411 it and then talk to the base information...they should be able to direct you to the right place.