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    Some of my friends who are applying to Navy say that they are "fully qualified". When applying to WP, how would I find out this information. Does it show on the candidate portal?
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    You will receive notification from the Admissions Office by mail when the Admissions Committee has determined you to be "Qualified." It is abbreviated on the forums as "3Q" generally.

    To be found fully qualified, you have to do well on the CFA, achieve medical qualification through DoDMERB or through the USMA waiver process if DoDMERB found you DQd. Lastly, your file needs to be evaluated by the admissions committee to determine if your academics and leadership (and CFA and medical status) meet the qualification requirements determined by USMA. If so, then you will be qualified.

    Once you receive a nomination, then (I believe) you are determined to be fully qualified and will be evaluated against other fully-qualified candidates in your congressional district (House and Senate), or in your Service Connected Nomination Category (Presidential, Soldier, etc.) by your whole candiate score. Higher whole candidate score wins. This evaluation will be done after the file completion deadline for most candidates this year (different from years past).

    If you are not appointed in one of those categories, then you could compete for a limited number of slots from the national waiting list.

    Bottom line: Qualified is Academic/Leadership Qualification, Medical Qualification and CFA qualification with a Nomination (I think. I believe that you can receive notification that you are qualified without a nomination, but no decision about admission is made until you have a nomination).

    Good luck.

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