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    Alright, I'm a VMI alum from a decade ago (99) and I was checking out this and other sites sort of by chance. I guess, since I've been recently inundated with materials for my 10 year reunion, I've been feeling a bit nostalgic for the old Very Merry Institute. Anyway, my favorite VMI alumnus is not General Marshall (although I do, of course, have huge respect for him). What you, my friends in cyberland, may not know is that Fred Willard, the hilarious film actor ("Waiting for Guffman," "Best in Show," "A Mighty Wind" among others), is a graduate of the Institute ('55). "Hey, Wha Happened?" A lesson to those future rat-ties, you CAN retain your sense of humor throughout the coming year. Rah VA Mil!!!!!
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    But the most unlikely alum has to be Mel Brooks It's truly hard to imagine isn't it?? (See the attached Article from the NY Times)
    "World War II. Out of the Catskills and into the Army, which amazingly enough first sent me to college: I became a cadet at the Virginia Military Institute. (Talk about a little Jewish fish out of water, although I loved V.M.I., and the gracious Virginians couldn't have been nicer to the brash kid from Brooklyn.)"
    So clearly the lesson to be learned is that you can indeed retain your sense of humor even thru the Rat line- in fact to really be successful in the Rat Line I would argue that you need to have a sense of humor!:biggrin:
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