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    For those of you who don't know me I'm Steven, a senior in hs! Been accepted to a few colleges already and decided to stay local for now, going to the 'ol FIU. I'm set on joining the Air Force and am going the route of commissioning through rotc and you better bet I'm going to do my best to get selected for SFT.

    I don't really come from a military family so my parents where surprised when I started showing interest in the military. I had a few arguments with them actually but in the end I convinced them that that's what I wanted to do and the road I'm going to take in life. Looked over the Marines, Navy, Coast Guard and Air Force and decided the AF would be my best fit!

    As for life I was swim team captain this year and led my team to a 2nd straight undefeated season and district champs! (woo!) Been in Water Polo for three years all varsity, this will be my fourth. However we will be hurting due to losing four of our starters and not having the people to fill in, not looking foward to this season (most likely WP Captain too).

    I can't lie, I'm one of those kids who's all excited to turn 18 (the 29th this month) and go to college but I am one of those few who realize they are blessed for everything I have been given so you won't hear any complaints from me! I'm glad I found this forum and realize there are great people here with loads of knowledge :smile: Guess who benefits! Me :D Again thank you for all the knowledge you are bestowing upon me and for your time in helping me :smile:

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