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Apr 2, 2008
Hey I just wanted to tell all of you that are thinking about getting a passport that it was REALLY FAST! My daughter went to the post office on May 17th and got her passport back in the mail on the 30th! That's less than 2 weeks. We were both amazed. So... for those of you who have been putting it off, you could probably have them back before I-Day and then not need to worry about it for 10 more years.:smile:
Your case was probably not the norm. Most take months to get back.
I had mine back in a week. really. I applied Saturday and my mom woke me up the following Saturday to make me open the envelope to see if that's what it was. I am still waiting on my card (the new electronic passport card you have to get) and I ordered it about 2 months ago but I have the booklet which is what really matters anyway so... If you're putting it off I'd do it. Plus for me it doesn't matter because my trip isn't until December anyway so if it does take forever it still won't matter and before I-day would be the same way, you wouldn't be going anywhere for a while.
Regardless of the wait time, if you don't have a passport now, do get one ASAP. Having a valid passport is a big check in the box for summer training assignments and it makes one eligible for international or overseas spots.
I've heard the same thing. State Dept. seems to be right on top of it.

I need to get two passports; it will also be nice to get rid of a passport with a picture of me before I grew into my ears. :rolleyes:

If it had not been for this site we would have never thought of need for a passport before..Again a world of knowledge comes from those who have been there....
Thanks again and see you on I day
Our son applied for his over Christmas break. 6 weeks later he got a letter from the state department apologizing for losing his birth certificate. 2 weeks later he got his passport. 2 weeks later his birth certificate came back in the mail.

Don't wait!
I had the same experience too, oddly... Applied and got it 2 weeks later.
Turnaround time for son's passport was 10days. We did it at the local post office, sent regular mail. (They said to expedite was a flat $100 fee, sheesh, but we did it early May so that we could have it by June) My guess is they have sped up the administrative process in office, and there's a lot less demand in international travel due to world events, economy, rising expenses for leisure activities, etc.
But KaMi's right, don't hesitate, if you need one, do it now.