GA Academy Day


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Apr 7, 2008
for any one who is either: a parent of a cadet who attended a GA academy day or who was/is a cadet who attended a GA academy day or who has info about the upcoming GA A.D., i have 2 questions: are there many people who attend that are my age (14, freshman), or should i wait till im older to go? and does anyone know the "course of events" at the academy day?
2012Cadet -- I also posted this info on the thread you posted on CC. The link for the information page for the next Academy day in Georgia is:

You are not too young to attend, and will find others your age beginning to gather information. As you can see on the announcemnt they have invited all students in grades 8-12. It is for anyone who would like to gather information to help them learn more about the Academies and plan. Being on the radar screen is never a bad thing.

There will be a short program with the various members of Congress (or their representative) speaking about their requirements, and each Academy will have someone give a short talk on their program. After that there will be tables set up with information available and the opportunity to talk on a more individual basis. I know West Point will have several recent graduates there -- my son has been asked to speak -- and representatives from the Parents Club available for parents and candidates to talk to. USMA usually sends someone from Admissions.

If you have any specific questions you are welcome to PM me.
2012Cadet -- I tried to answer your PM off line, but you have blocked yourself from receiving any.

I would plan to be at the presentation about 15 minutes early, sot aht you are ready when it starts. It is hard to estimate how well attended and individual session will be, it varies.

Hope to see you there!
sorry, i thought i fixed it to allow that but i guess it didn't go through :rolleyes:. it should allow it now, hopefully.
would going to the academy day affect my nom chances later because the senators would know you wanted to go at a young age and haven't changed your mind and that they know your set on going to the service academy?