Garmont NFS vs Oakley boots? + Sock recommendations


Sep 26, 2021
Torn between the Garmont NFS and one of the Oakley boots selections. The internet pretty much says similar things about both. Does anyone have a recommendation for one or the other, and if Oakley which kind of boots I should get? Sock recommendations are also appreciated; I heard Darn Tough is good but I wouldn't know.

Context: looking for a good boot/sock duo for USMA CBT and beyond.
Back in the day, we wore brand new heavy leather boots and either walked through a stream or just filled them up with water, dumped them out and laced them up as tight as possible. After that, we marched 6-10 miles. Believe it or not, that made them quite comfortable, going forward.:)

What you have available to you now is nothing short of wonderful. Whatever they have on the list will probably be fine. They're your feet, so walk around in the store with both and decide what you like. As for socks, I have walked a lot in "military boots" and can say without reservation that any sock made out of merino wool is the thing to have. Wool keeps you warm when it is wet, and your feet don't stink as much.
Everyone's feet is different, so what works for me may not work for you. I've had a boot be great and no problems. Wore them out in two years and hundreds of rucking miles. Got another set of the exact same boots, and they blister my feet. Same boot, same socks, same break in. It happens

Both of those boots are good. THParent has great advice. Merino wool socks are great. Get the boots wet and ruck in them for some miles a few times to break them in. This also has the added benefit of toughening your feet.

Also kinesio tape will be your best friend. Cuts down on hot spots in problem areas. Stays attached even when wet. It is great stuff. I pre cut sections with the backing and keep it in my ruck.
I was going to suggest the Danner Reckoning boot, but they are pretty spendy and I don't think you want to show up at USMA with EGAs on your boots. The "TH" in THParent stands for Teufel Hunden, by the way. ;)

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You should take your question to the wider community of those who have completed IBOLC, Ranger School, SFAS, etc.
Indeed, the consensus seems to be that Garmont NFS dominates in highspeed training while Oakley LT 2 dominates in garrison.
My son has a pair of the Garmont Bifidas and a pair of the Oakleys. He likes the Garmonts for the field. But he likes the Oakleys for garrison and road marching because they are very light weight. If you are just going to pick one for for Beast, the Garmonts will probably serve you better. But over time you are probably going to want a couple different pairs/types for different purposes.
Indeed, the consensus seems to be that Garmont NFS dominates in highspeed training while Oakley LT 2 dominates in garrison.
DS sent urgent request from RS for replacement of his Garmont NFS. They're all he wears in or out of garrison. I don't know about his socks or insoles.

Best of Luck going forward!
Boots are very much open to preference. As a flyer, I wear Rocky S2Vs, since they are flight approved. Traction on wet surfaces is a little sketchy though. I used to wear insulated Danners, when I was up north. Those were VERY nice, imo.

As for socks, Darn Tough is a good brand. Smartwool is good too. I prefer a LOT of cushion, which is a bit too much in the summer, tbh. Wool makes a big difference though. It keeps you more comfortable when sweaty/wet.