Gates announces Army being increased by 22,000

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    "WASHINGTON -- Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced Monday that the size of the Army will be increased temporarily by 22,000 soldiers to help meet the needs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and other missions around the world.

    This is the second time since 2007 that the military has determined it doesn't have a large enough force. Gates had already increased the size of the Army and Marine Corps shortly after taking the Pentagon job.

    While I agree that the Army is seriously understrength still, I have to wonder about "increased temporarily" and note that he is not seeking any additional funds in 09 or 2010 budget to pay for the troops. What is the Army going to be giving up in order to pay for them? To get more soldiers and pay for them with shortchanging the O&M or recapitalizing the force will be an expensive tradeoff. Why wouldn't he ask for additional funding?

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