GEN Colin Powell Quotes

“Leadership is solving problems.
The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day
you have stopped leading them.”

I love Gen. Powell. Amazing resume My grandmother used to talk about him from time to time. In my barracks room, I have a white board with a list of things to do for me and my roommate. I also had a little trend going where I would write a "Board question of the day" concerning Army and military knowledge to prepare myself for any future boards. Occasionally we would put inspirational quotes on the board. This was one of two quotes by Gen. Powell that I had on the board at the time.

A week or so later, I had my nomination interview and one of the interviewers hit me with a somewhat tough question: "Who is your favorite Army Leader and why?" At that time I honestly didn't think I had a good answer because there wasn't anyone that I think has inspired me heavily in the Army. But then I remembered the quotes I had on my board And I answered Gen. Powell mentioning the aforementioned quotes. He then hit me with "What books have you read by him?"

I didn't have a great answer for that one so I just said "At the moment sir I have read none, are there any you recommend?"

He said "All of them."
I wrote down the quote you posted on my 'Losing Hope' thread. Quite and inspirational man, any good books about him?