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    1. For NROTC and MCROTC, is it possible to apply to both? When I am filling out my personal page for the NROTC online application, it doesn't let me select both NROTC and MCROTC. It only lets me choose 1 for NROTC, MCROTC, or Nursing
    2. When is the best time to complete ROTC applications? Are they on rolling acceptances like the service academies?
    3. Do you have to be accepted to both the schools of choice AND receive the scholarship to particpate in ROTC?
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    You may not apply for both NROTC and NROTC Marine Option. You may choose either Navy, Nurse, or Marine Corps. There is no such thing as MCROTC. The best time to complete applications is over the summer sometime. Get teacher recommendations before school gets out, then do everything else whenever you get the chance during the summer. You must get accepted to the university to participate in ROTC, but you don't have a scholarship to participate. If you have a scholarship but no acceptance, you cannot go there. So make sure you focus on college applications too.

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