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    Well I'm going to be applying for VMI soon, and I had a couple questions.

    Regarding the Early Decision, I read on the application that if I am accepted I must attend. Is this true? I am also applying for a ROTC scholarship, but if I do not receive the scholarship, there will be no possible way for me to pay for VMI.

    Also, I was wondering if any of you could give me an idea of the chances I have of being accepted. Here's my stats:

    -SAT I: 620 Reading, 580 Math, 600 Writing
    -SAT II: 550 Literature, 780 U.S. History
    -ACT: 29 (I've been playing on using my ACT instead of my SAT)
    -GPA: Roughly 3.3 or 3.4 as of last year.
    -Class Rank: Top 20%
    -APs: I have already taken three. Got a 2, a 3, and a 5. But I am also currently enrolled in four other AP classes.
    -Sports: 3 years Varsity Swim (4 counting this year, since swim doesn't start until the spring), 1 year of Junior Varsity Water Polo, 1 year of Junior Varsity Cross Country. In addition, I hold two school records for swim.
    -Activities/Honors: I am an Eagle Scout, and I am currently Varsity Swim Captain. I also have 192 community service hours.

    So, how am I looking?
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    Atticus- I'm certain that you are fine for admission- that looks like a solid record with most of the buttons pushed that they would looking to see.
    As far as the ED committment - I believe that there is an exit clause based on financial considerations. I know that at least one other former prospective cadet wrote a similar situation a year ago and did get told that by VMI. However- my recommendation would be that you contact VMI directly and ask the admissions office yourself.
    Is your application for an ROTC scholarship already in and waiting for the board? Early is generally better here - both from the standpoint of getting a scholarship and getting it to your primary school.
    good luck

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