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Apr 4, 2017
Alright, so there are several things that have to be done to apply, so I wanted to make sure I have all of them, and know when they need to be finished by. I'm going to list a schedule, and would appreciate a confirmation of sorts to help me recognize anything I may have left out. Should I get appointed, I will be class of 2022. I am aware of the various deadlines for the various parts of the application, ranging from January to March.

Admissions start on June 1. I have started the nomination request process as well as the requisition of letters of recommendation. At the end of May, I'l take the CFA. When June comes, I will complete the three parts of the application. To my understanding, once the USMMA has received at least part three of the application and my CFA scores, my name will be sent to the DoDMERB, which will allow me to take the medical exam (side question: Will I be notified once I am able to take the medical exam?). Hoepfully, by this time I will have my letters of recommendation and nomination. At this point, assuming I pass the DoDMERB medical exam, I will have everything I need for a complete application. Assuming this is everything, will I be notified that my application is complete and received in full by the USMMA?

Thank you for your time.
The Biggest roadblock to having a Complete Application is . . .
Your High School Counselors . . . failing to Submit Part 3 of the Application on time.
I have contacted many of the applicants I have mentored over the last 5 years, to have them stay on top of their counselors and make sure they understand that a SA DEADLINE is an Absolute DEADLINE.
You will have a candidate portal that you'll be able to check (probably daily for changes as most do) to see what's been received and what's still due. Unlike the DoD SAs, where admissions are done all online (including the recommendations), USMMA still requires paper for parts 2 and 3 along with paper recommendations. You can, however, submit updates and SAT/ACT scores via scan and email and/or fax. Official scores should be sent through the testing agency, but you sending them updates is fine. Get as much of the application completed before the end of the summer if you can. Depending on your high school transcript, you may have to wait until your 7th semester high school grades are complete and sent in before the board looks at you. If you play a sport, get in touch with the coach now so you can try to get on their recruiting list. Athletes with complete packages tend to get to the board earlier than others and have been known to get LOAs about the time the nominations are announced by your senator/member of congress in Oct/Nov. If you get an LOA before Christmas, you're one of the lucky few. Most applicants are not notified until around March, sometimes you can be on hold up until mid-April. Do at least one thing each day on your application to stay on track. Also, go visit if you haven't already.

In addition to applying to USMMA, you'll want to look at applying to other SAs and NROTC (or other service ROTC if that's your interest). Whether you get into another SA or get a scholarship is a different story, but if you get into other commissioning sources, then you'll have more options. Good Luck!