Genesis Invitational


Jul 23, 2020
Hey y’all,

Earlier today I got an invite to the USCGA Genesis Invitational. I just wanted to know if it’s something like the Candidate Visit Weekend for the Naval Academy where I stay in the dorms or something a bit different.

I looked at the USCGA website for more information, but it didn’t help me that much. If anyone has any more information on this invitational please let me know, it’ll be greatly appreciated!!!
You would be paired with a cadet during your visit. In addition to shadowing that cadet, there are information sessions for you and your parents. You would stay overnight in the room of the cadet you are paired with. This is a description about a Genesis visit:
"The Genesis Invitational is a two-day/overnight program for HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS and their parents or guardians. Our focus during Genesis is on the needs and interests of students of color, women, and first generation college students. Because space in this program is limited, you are guaranteed direct interaction with cadets, faculty, coaches, staff, and graduates. Students will be able to shadow a cadet, attend classes and a team practice, meet with cadet and officer panelists, eat in the cadet wardroom, and experience first-hand what it's like to be a cadet - all while learning how to make a seamless transition to college life and exploring the many opportunities available at the Academy and within the Coast Guard. Students will also have the opportunity to complete an optional Physical Fitness Exam (PFE). By the end of this experience, students will be well prepared to make a decision to apply and potentially attend the Academy if offered an appointment.

At this time, students attending the program will be housed overnight on campus in Chase Hall.

Programming and information for parents will also be provided throughout the day including, but not limited to, informational presentations, meal(s) with Admissions Staff, and a Cadet-led campus tour. Parent participation is optional, and any attending parents/guests will need to make their own overnight arrangements if attending both days of the program. Please note that each student is only authorized to bring a maximum of TWO guests."
Thank you!!!

Do they offer transportation to and from the airport for those arriving alone or will I have to call an Uber/Lyft/Taxi?
I don't believe they provide transportation. However, you might be able to organize to share an uber/lyft with another student who is also doing the Genesis Program. Depending where you are coming from, Amtrak is also an option. There is an Amtrak station in New London. And although Providence and Hartford are the closest airports, there is also a discount airline (Avelo Air) that flies into New Haven from a small number of cities. An uber can be quite expensive since both airports are about an hour away. If a parent is coming with you, I would suggest renting a car. The cost would probably be less than an uber in both directions. You can always call your Admissions Officer to find out for sure. You could also ask if they provide information on other participants so you could try to coordinate travel to share expenses.