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    From the Commandant:

    "Its an exciting time for our Corps of Cadets as we begin another school year with what is expected to be the largest Corps in over 40 years! ... Our estimate is that the Corps of Cadets Fish Class of 2017 will be over 900 young men and women. With that large a Fish Class and close to 1600 returning cadets, the entire Corps strength is expected to be close to 2500 cadets. That is the largest Corps since 1970. Its exciting to see the Corps growing at such a rapid rate, and we look forward to working with the young men and women who will be members of the largest Corps in over 40 years this year. ..."
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    That's good to hear.Good luck to any on here who are heading off to Aggie land. As a resident of South Texas(RGV) for a number of years I always had an affinity for A&M - especially when they were playing UT (Sad that the rivalry is ended). Gig 'em Aggies!
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    Good luck and best wishes to all
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    GIG EM

    That is great news about the Corp... My father was in the Corp at TAMU .. class of 64. My son went on a spend the night with the corp last spring and absolutely loved it. Texas A&M is a special place.. so special that my parents just bought a house and are retiring there so that my father can volunteer with the Corp... So much spirit !:thumb:

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