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Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by HSClassof2017, Jul 24, 2014.

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    I am 15 years old and aspire to attend USMA. I was wondering what USMA considers more important, community service or holding a job. I work part time at a candy store for my parents and I applied for another part time job and didn't get it because I am too young. Recently I have been doing community service at the Veterans Affairs hospital. In the next few years should I spend the majority of my time working or doing community service?
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    Pick which one you like doing the most and do it. Commitment matters. If you are working part time and don't accumulate enough weekly hours for several years, it won't count for anything other than the spending money in your pocket. Time and commitment - whether working or volunteering is what is recognized by admissions.
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    Keep in mind that when you apply to West Point, you also need to have a Plan B, usually ROTC at a civilian college. Civilian colleges love to see that you have worked while you were in school and that you were successful at both--a good student (excellent grades) and a good employee. It shows dedication and time management. They also like to see that you have passion in your volunteering--that you committed to helping and you made a contribution, not hopped from opportunity to opportunity just to pad your resume.

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