getting in shape


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Nov 18, 2007
hey everyone, i havent recieved appointments to either usna or usafa, but i am anticipating I-day anyways. What is a good program to help me get in shape? i need help primarily with a solid running program, but other suggestions will help me too. thanks
just in general, from my viewpoint of getting in shape...


run run run run run

and run some more
Aclimate yourself too. Whatever the "Swab Summer" is called for your academy, it WILL happen during the summer. Running in the heat, without dorms (barracks) with A/C will really get to you, train in the heat. Run on hot blacktop in Tennessee (that's what I did, I like to think it made a difference). Let your body get used to the heat.
However, heat is not as big an issue here at USAFA. You will be dominated by the altitude! So, come in extra special running shape so you won't be decimated enough to fall out of PT.