Getting Nervous


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Oct 6, 2008
My daughter's application was completed on 10/28 and still no word if she is scholastically qual'd. I know that was only a couple of months ago, but I think that I read somewhere that by the time Jan. rolls around, only candidates that the CGOs consider "strong" go in front of the board. I think that my daughter is a strong candidate, but I guess I am worried that her application may never make it to the board. Any one else been waiting this long? My daughter spoke with her BGO about a week ago, and the BGO stated that the application had not been reviewed by the board and not to be surprised if it is late Feb. before we hear anything. Is USNA sending out scholastically qual'd letters this year? Sorry for the anxiety, but she is qual'd in all other areas and has two noms (pres and far). By my math, she has a great chance if they find her schol. qual'd. Thanks.
My son's app was complete 9/22. He got an invitation to CVW immediately thereafter. When we were up for the CVW in Nov, I stopped by Leahy Hall and asked and the officer told me he was 3 Q'd and that the board had reviewed his app in late Sept. We got a letter stating Scholastically qualified just before Thanksgiving.

My guess is that your daughter's app was complete about the same time as many others. The Admissions Board meets on Thursdays and can only review so many each time. I suspect you are just caught in the traffic jam of apps.

Call CGO! They were most helpful! Hang in there! The waiting is awful!
hey I definitely would not worry about the scholastically q'd letters. I never got a scholastically q'd letter, but I just received an LOA. completed my app in september, and it just went in front of the board.

Went up to CVW in November and talked to a regional director. He told me that once I get my file cleared up (my file had to go through the character review committee to clear up some things in the past), i could be "expecting good things in the mail from us". USNA admissions works is mysterious ways. hang tough, and good luck!