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    Mar 11, 2017
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    I appreciate this forum and all of the wisdom and encouragement shared here. I have 2 nominations (senator and congressman), my SAT scores are 730 reading and writing and 670 math, my ACT is a 31, my GPA and class rank are 3.99 and 96/528 (top 18%), I have a green check mark by my CFA, I have 3 years of varsity sports and am a captain of my cross country team, am in NHS, am secretary of my school's outdoors club, and I am in several other clubs, as well as volunteering regularly both in the community and through my church, and have a job. Can anyone give me some insight as to why I haven't heard anything yet, good or bad?
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    My DD reached out to her RC and this is what she got back today:

    No news yet. You will likely hear something in mid to late April. Just hand in there and continue to think positive."

    Her stats are similar to yours. XO of her JROTC and they won Regionals and heading to Nationals next month. She doesn't have much sports.

    So, I guess we wait, wait and wait....
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    You look great on paper. The academies want kids like you, but gaining admission depends on a lot of factors; your rank on the MOC list, and the boxes that the academy needs to check. Gender needs, athletes, diversity candidate quotas, prior enlisted, prep schoolers, and more will fill slots that you could be qualified for. They are qualified too, but you're wondering why you haven't heard.
    It is getting late, but you still have a chance. Good luck and solidify plan B.
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    Reach out to your RC for feedback if you have not already done so. It will show your interest and may give you some information that will relieve the anxiety. The slate winner in your district may not have accepted the appointment yet or may be waiting for a waiver.

    In the next few weeks offered candidates will start declining. Although the yield is about 85%, many of those 10 - 15% who turn down appointments will wait fairly close to the deadline - turning down USMA is a big deal.
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