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    Jul 28, 2015
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    We were told to buy boots early so my son could break them in before attending The Citadel.
    Any advice on brands? I'm assuming a desert color. Lightweight for running or regular? Who knew there were so many options!

    Thank you!
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    Citadel may have certain boots they want them to choose from. Army is changing their uniform color, so at some point, the colleges will be requiring the new color. Best to ask the Citadel directly.
    Most of the boots now (that are on the "Army approved" list) are quite lightweight and require very little break-in. A few years ago, my son just wore them around over the summer.
    What we had to decide for his (Norwich) was whether or not to get the hot weather boots, or the temperate, which are waterproof. We ended up getting 2 pairs of the temperate....but Vermont is rarely ever "hot", but you end up in a lot of rain and snow, so we thought the waterproof was most important. However, at the Citadel, the climate will be different.
    Good luck - I remember asking the exact same questions!
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