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    My friend will be heading up for Swab summer in a few short weeks. He has always looked up to me for motivation. It is a little Ironic since he was a senior while I was a junior. Anyways, he asked me with heartfelt sincerity to "prepare" him for swab summer. Basically, he wants me to be a drill sergeant, so he can get more used to being yelled out.

    I was looking for some more ideas as to what I should do to him/have him do. I recently came back from Airforce's Summer Seminar and will try and model my performance as cadre after their Doolie Day (treat the candidates like plebes day). I am debating whether to yell at him and quiz him on knowledge more or throw PT at him more.

    Two key things I WILL tell him after mock boot-camp, is that for one: keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing during swab year. Two: ENJOY your last two weeks as a worry free high school graduate. Grow out your hair (last genuine chance to for a while), stay out of trouble, don't be stupid, stay in shape, and have fun.

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