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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by CSU Cadet, Oct 12, 2015.

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    Hello, so I start ROTC this coming fall, and was wondering what candidates who get their first 1 or 2 choices for AD look like. I know a 300 PFT is a given, but what about other things? GPA? Extra Curriculars? If it helps, the branches I am looking at are 1. Infantry 2. Armor. 3. Intelligence, and maybe aviation.

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    Check back in December when Branching hopefully comes out. There will be some happy cadets that will be more than willing to share what stats enabled them to achieve the branch they were assigned. Aviation would obviously be the hardest to obtain.
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    Great advice from k2rider. Remember the "new OML" is so much more than gpa and pt, there are at least 10 items (cultural awareness, public speaking etc.) where you can score points. There is an MS4 in DS' battalion who is a student/athlete stud but cannot make eye contact while giving an oral report. He is not doing well...
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    There is a pretty good brief deck on the new ROTC OML and branching that I've seen. Your cadre may be able to show you.

    Short version: ROTC branching is way more complicated than USMA even beyond OML considerations.
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    My advice would be to forget about calculating all the stats, it's a waste of your time and doesn't usually make much sense. This goes for all branches as well as for anyone looking for a scholarship. And really don't even think about which branch you want, things change every year and by senior year you may want something completely different!

    Focus on doing well in school
    Get involved in ROTC; really invest yourself in the program
    Make lots of friends (both in and out of ROTC)
    Volunteer for stuff in ROTC
    Take whatever job you're given and run with it
    Have fun

    If you're focused and know what you want to accomplish, you can do better than you imagined.

    Another piece of advice: Apply for whatever you're interested in, whether or not you think you'll get it. Whether it be internships, scholarships, cool experiences through ROTC, etc. You'll never be worse off than if you didn't apply!
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