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    I’m mentoring a girl from a small town in NYS. She wants to try for the USCGA and USNA. It was recommended to her that she apply for Girls’ State. She had a great deal of difficulty in that the applications did not seem to be awarded on a merit basis nor on a first-come basis but only from select high schools. Anyone have any insight to this?
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    Girls State is an event hosted by the American Legion Auxiliary that focuses on leadership and politics/government. Select high schools throughout the state will send delegate(s) to a college to spend a week creating their own state government. However, if her school does not have a history of sending delegates, or has not previously sent any girls, she can inquire with the local American Legion Post to possibly secure a spot. Selection is competitive, and is based on an interview that heavily weights the well-roundedness of the student- leadership, grades, and character- all things that the service academies also look for. My DD attended this past summer and tells me that Girls State was an amazing experience- the local post paid all her expenses.
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    Our kids approached (via a phone call) the local american legion post and asked for the application and procedures. After a nice conversation, the application and a quick trip to their next meeting, they were sponsored. Our local post sponsors a few applicants by matching with posts in the area that don't have an applicant - so both were able to attend with a few others from the same town. I'd just call and ask the local post for info. Depending on your location, it may not be as "competitive" as others. Good luck!
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    Not sure if I can help; but I went to Keystone Boys State last summer. Had a blast; but besides the point.

    I don't quite know how Girls State applications work - but I'd imagine similar to Boys State. I personally skipped going through my school in its entirety -- in fact; my guidance office didn't even have a clue what Boys State was!!!!

    Basically, I went online, grabbed the application. Printed/filled it out when down to my local Legion post and turned it in. (Funny thing was my post didn't know what Boys State was either -_-) A few weeks later I got a packet in the mail saying that I will part of Keystone Boys State 2012!! No interviews or nothing!

    Hope this helps!

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