Go KP beat CG

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    Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, I know you can hear me...

    Go KP beat Coast Guard!

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    KP did go and Beat Coast Guard today. Beautiful day for football and great game played by both teams. Equally important, the correct team won.
    USMMA 27 - USCGA 20

    At times, there was more action on the track behind the USMMA bench than there was on the field during the game . A Coastie Plebe ripped the epaulets off the shoulders of a KP plebe. When word spread, the KP plebes retaliated by yanking the big brown bear head off the Coast Guard mascot and taking it back into the western most section of the stands where the KP plebes were.

    When initial negotiations for return of the Bear's head failed, lines formed west and east on the track and several charges were made back and forth by the Coast Guard plebes and the King's Point plebes. One charge by the KP plebes that broke through the Coast Guard line resulted in a scrum continuing onto the field of play, with hats being grabbed and tossed, ultimately resulting in a game stoppage by the officials!

    From what I could tell, no one was disciplined or injured, so all in good fun. Commendable effort by two evenly matched teams.
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    Yes, we did lost the football game...but here's what else happened:

    Men's Soccer: 1-0 CGA for the win
    Women's Volleyball: 3-0 CGA for the win
    Men's Water Polo: Also CGA for the win.

    Total: CGA 3 MMA 1

    Anyway, it was hard fought by both teams, congratulations to MMA for winning the Secretaries Cup once again.

    Also, I wouldn't say that the rivalry was started by one of our fourth class ripping epaulets off of one of the MMA plebes. I would say it started by mutual rivalry with small pranks such as running around for flags or catcalling. Let's not forget that it was MMA who stole our Coast Guard flag, only to crumple it into a ball and stuff it into a plastic bag or that an MMA 1/c and plebes turned a hose onto our Corps. Or the shaving cream bombs that were launched at our (contracted out, not owned) buses.

    Also: our freshman are referred to as fourth class right now. They remain swabs until they see a swab next year, but are not plebes :thumb:

    I hope everyone enjoyed the game. I know our Corps did, despite the loss. I also had the pleasure of seeing two of Aimsters turned plebes at MMA :eek:, one of whom was on the MMA Goon Squad. Both told me they really enjoyed USMMA so I'm glad someone likes it :shake:
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    True story: As a senior in high school I spent the night at USMMA (and at CGA a night or two later). The midshipman I was with for lunch was complaining about how unattractive KP's females were. Not really why I was there, but who was I to contradict someone I might have to greet in a year (not sure if KPers know how to greet and salute). Eventually a female walked in who I really did think was attractive, so I pointed her out and said "well she looks pretty good." "Yeah, well," my KPer responded " she's a Coast Guard Academy cadet."

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