Going crazy waiting


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Mar 24, 2008
Our son is hopefully receiving an appointment letter soon . We know that they come up till mid May...but is it a bad sign not to have any news? He was full candidate in Dec.
i am definitely going crazy waiting!!!! however, i think that today might be the day!!!
I have been going crazy waiting for a couple of months now. I am getting pretty nervous that I won't get accepted because I haven't received an appointment yet.
add me to that list...i completed my app before i even got a nomination (Oct/Nov) and have not heard a single word from them since, except for an academically qualified letter.
an academically qualified letter? um...i haven't gotten one of those...is that bad?
they gave it out right after i completed the app. I dont think its a big deal tho. I think all it meant was that i officially became a 'candidate'. They definitely have NOT sent me anything since about Nov.
oh yea, i got that too. i just got it way before i completed my application