Going to a prep school without sponsorship


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Jun 9, 2006
Is it wise to go to a civilian prep school without having a sponsorship. Others might call this free agents. What is the appointment offer rate for those who are not sponsored at any prep school ?
A lot depends on the candidate, why you were rejected and if prep school will correct those "deficiencies".

I can add this link to the Service Academy Prep program at MMI:

You need to apply and meet certain academic criteria to get into the SAP program. They do have a very good track record and kids who were not sponsored do win appointments.
You also can choose to stay for two years and then transfer to a 4 year. Many colleges will accept the credits.
If you are AF they also have an AF ROTC program in which as a SAP cadet, you will participate. MMI has an excellent relationship with the AFA and will provide you with support and counseling.

I would choose programs wisely. If you have an AF ROTC scholarship - think twice before giving that up to go to a "prep" program. If you want college credits that transfer then consider the Junior college route.
You also might want to talk it over with your Admissions counselor at the AFA.
Well I will not be getting an AFROTC scholarship. My counselor did not send out my transcript and another form that had to be sent by him. I gave this to him weeks before the deadline. My main problems lie in physical fitness, SAT scores, and academics. I have plenty of leadership credentials.
SAT Math 520
Verbal 480

Push ups : 25
Sit ups: 45
1 mile run: 9:95

And I have a few failed classes. I'm leaning forward to going Northwestern. They are cheaper and I can go to college in the spring.
Hey man go to New Mexico Military Institute. Its rated the top prep school in the nation. Believe me, Im here right now and its tough stuff so if you can make it here, you can do it at the Academy. PM me if you want to learn more about the school. There are a bunch of self-preps here and they are almost guaranteed a nom and appointment if they make grades. Its a great, challenging school.
Based on my interactions with the other preppies here, if I had to do the program, I would choose Northwestern, then NMMI/MMI, then Valley Forge.
NWP worked for my Son. Currently, he is in the honors program and in the top 100 of '11
NWP worked for my Son. Currently, he is in the honors program and in the top 100 of '11