Going to NAPS


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Nov 28, 2008
I was accepted to Naps. Could anyone tell me what it is like? Is it simular to the Naval Academy? and do I need a nomination for next year?
Congrats!!! When were you notified? Did you receive a nomination from your MOC?
Well actually I go to NAPS this year, I can tell you that in some ways its similar to the academy and some ways not. For the most part your day is someone set up like the academy with revielle at 0600 classes till around 1420 then you have extra instruction time, then sports period then mando study time. However naps is basically a academic prep school they focus on that here. You will still wear a uniform, kakhi to be exact, and some others and you will go through indoc but its only 2 weeks long. I was a prior enlisted nuke MM3 so I have already been through boot camp and everything and the indoc here was a lot easier than bootcamp. Plus you will get paid here a lot better than u will as a plebe. You get 700 a month I think for non priors. You will have a lot of liberty here as well contrary to belief. Its a lot like college for the most part. Its a nice area too, its beautiful in the summer. Do u play a sport? There are multiple opportunities here to. Lemme know if u want to know anything else. Or PM me and I can give u my number to talk!
I am at NAPS right now with Kim, except I graduated high school June 2008 and went straight to NAPS. Yes, you will need to re-obtain a nomination. For example, I received 4 nominations to the USNA c/o 2012, but none of them count now since I'll be USNA c/o 2013. NAPS will pretty much let you know when to re-apply when the time comes! If you haven't already, check out:


I saw what you scored on your SATs, and mine were similar. Academics are the main focus at NAPS. It gets challenging at times, but NAPS (just like the Academy) offers a buttload of Extra Help and whatnot. Like Kim said, lots of liberty (free time) and the most you can get paid for being a non-prior enlisted candidate is about $700 (ask me more about deductions, if you want). You don't HAVE to do a sport here, buts its good to get into. You have to stay in shape somehow and most kids at NAPS goto one of the gyms on base. I can tell you more if you want. I'll see if I can add you on Facebook.