Good Enough for Physical Qualification?


Nov 2, 2016
I am a re-applicant for the class of 2021. I was denied of an appointment when I applied last year as a high school senior and I now attend a private, four-year university. I have received a principal nomination from my Congressman and it is my understanding that the primary goal is to get triple Q'd. I received a 3.72 GPA my first semester of college and was medically cleared by DODMERB last year which leaves the physical qualification. I recently took my CFA and my scores were as follows:

Basketball Throw: 56ft
Pull Ups: 18
Shuttle Run: 8.66 seconds
Sit Ups: 95
Push Ups: 52
Mile: 7:11

I realize that there are no concrete numbers for physical qualification, but I was wondering if these are in the right ballpark.

Thank you in advance!
Those look perfectly fine and very solid scores. Keep working out especially on the run. Remember the male PRT time is 10:30 for 1.5 miles.