Good luck to 2016 Candidates

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    Good news: USAFA is a great opportunity for those young men and women committed to serving their country. The total USAFA record reflects the best that the USA has to offer our national leaders of tomorrow.

    Not so good news for candidates: USAFA has never been more competitive than it is today. I understand that there will be fewer slots for 2016 than there were for 2015 and competition for 2015 was out of sight! Good luck. If you make it, you have my deepest respect and I expect great things from you!

    A few years ago, the USAFA Commandant of Cadets told a group of my fellow graduates that he would not have been selected for admission today if he had competed today with his high school record from 20+ years ago. Admission standards continue to climb. Personal viewpoint -- A case can be made that it is easier to gain admittance to an Ivy League school than to a service academy. I know of one candidate that would have been a slam-dunk appointee just a few years ago. He was deemed not qualified (not just not offered an appointment) for 2015. Times have changed.

    It would appear that a successful candidate for 2016 will have to be awesome in every respect. When you interview for a nomination, make a case for being the Congressman's/Senator's Principal Nominee. Just getting a nomination may not be good enough.

    Good luck and develop your backup plans.

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