Good luck to Class of 2017 coming in for Indoc

Discussion in 'Merchant Marine Academy - USMMA' started by kneedeep, Jul 1, 2013.

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    Best of luck to the plebes and families when the come to Kings Point tomorrow for Indoc! Our son just graduated from KP two weeks ago, but I still remember dropping him off at Indoc like it was yesterday.

    It's a big day and a very emotional one for many parents. But in the big picture at USMMA, it's just one of many mileposts along the way of what will be a remarkable journey... Our son always said that while Indoc was tough, it was only a few weeks long, and as long as you keep your head down, do what you are told, don't wise off, try to fly beneath the radar and don't attract too much (negative) attention to yourself, most people get through it just fine. He met some of his best buddies at KP during Indoc, and now laughs at some of the photos of his first weeks at KP...

    The real challenge during his Plebe Year, he said, wasn't Indoc or adapting to the Regimental lifestyle, but learning how to manage his time properly so he could always, always keep his Academics as his Top Priority.
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    Ditto everything kneedeep. Best to your graduated son!

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