Good time to ask for nomination Class of 2023

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    Hi everyone, for the candidates for the Class of 2023, what would be the optimal time to ask for a nomination. If not, would it be a good idea to email them introducing yourself and getting your name out there? Thanks.
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    Your nomination sources will list the dates that their applications open for the class of 2023, so you will need to check each of their websites for that information. You can get a basic idea of the dates that the applications open and the dates they are due from looking at this year's process.

    I can't imagine that emailing them could do any harm.

    Best of luck to you.
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    Please understand that MOCs are incredibly busy and that you should not email them (your email will probably just go to someone who works for them, who won’t pay much mind to it because they’re also super busy)...however, I will provide you with some advice on how to contact them later in the game! Unlike your MOCs, your FFR is a volunteer and it’s great to reach out to him/her early on via email.

    You do not “ask” for a nomination. You will apply for one. On the MOC website, you can find the application deadline as well as what you need to complete the application file. MOC requirements vary. Some will ask for one or more essays and letters of recommendation from sources that may or may not be specific. Send everything they ask for. Nothing extra. If you want to stand out you’ll have a chance to do it later in an interview (provided your MOC interviews candidates).

    Though reaching out to an MOC this early on isn’t exactly the best idea (they just finished giving noms...some aren’t even done...), some MOCs will host Academy Nights. Some appear at their Academy Nights in person. Some do not. After attending an Academy Night, it IS appropriate to send your MOC a thank you note. I sent Congresswoman Walorski a thank-you for her Academy night, and after I was appointed to USMA, I sent her and Senator Young thank-yous for nominating me.

    Unfortunately, the thank-you note seems to be a lost art...I talk to other kids my age and apparently it’s not “a thing” anymore. Sad.
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    MOC typically have a section on their website that talks about applying for a NOM. There is no 'optimal' time to apply. However, they usually have a window during which applications are accepted and you have to apply during that time to be considered. That is where I would start. Getting NOM is not about being politically connected or who you know.