Got my SAT scores today...are they good?


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Nov 18, 2007
The Jan. test was the last test i could take to improve my scores. here they are:
critical reading: 670
math: 690
writing: 680 (essay 11)

how the heck did you get an 11 on your essay??? hahaha, I got a 7 ;)
Me too! I got a 7 on my essay even though I thought it was an exceptional piece of work. Oh well. I got a 590 on critical reading (really disapointed in myself), 650 on math (somewhat disapointed) and a 690 on writing (happy, but no one looks at writing anymore!).
yes, i have taken the ACT. my scores were 29 math and science, 30 english and 31 reading- 30 composite. And I got an 11 on my essay by just writing a formulaic essay with nice college-level words and relevant examples. I was happy about that score, but what really dissapoints me is that i seriuosly made 5 mistakes on the math that I would have gotten right had i not panicked. In fact, on some of those problems, i contemplated changing my answers when i wasn't supposed to- resulting in me getting a pretty much guaranteed 700 or more. But i figured that my being able to resist breaking the code now will help me to keep it in the future.
I had a 12 on it ^^ Wrote something about Ray Bradbury and technology ... I think during the month of November -
Flyboy- it looks like you're set with the composite of your SAT and ACTs.