Got scholarship, what's next?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Sampia, May 12, 2014.

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    My DS was informed by his NROTC program that he got the sideload marine option scholarship about two weeks ago. I'm not sure what happens next. I assume he will receive something in the mail. Also, from reading, my understanding is he will get something from DODMERB and then will have five days to schedule his physical. I am trying to plan summer activities and he likes to spend time out-of-state visiting his grandparents, but I'm worried we might miss that letter and the 5 day response window.

    Is anyone able to give me an idea how long it typically takes to hear something once he was notified of receiving the scholarship? Assuming he even does get an official notification. And how long might it take to hear from DODMERB?

    Another point of confusion. He was awarded a three-year scholarship. All he needs is a two year. He was 4C but was actually a sophomore. He has to double up on his classes to catch up with his peers which will happen at the end of next semester. But he is set to graduate on time so he has only two more years of college to go. Does anyone know if he should contact someone about that? His captain did not seem to think it was a problem. But this is his captains first year with the ROTC program.
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    I know with AROTC it takes a minimum of 3 years to commission unless you are prior service. Credits don't come into play at all with that decision. I know cadets who had their degrees done but needed to take 1-2 more semesters of ROTC to fulfill the requirements to commission. It doesn't matter that you did 2 years of college in high school or whatever, you still need to do the sequential/linear program.

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