Gov't Issued Plane Ticket?

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by kjang0613, Jan 23, 2011.

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    I just had a quick question about plane tickets to WP for R-day...
    If we want to go like a week ahead of time, and to another state (like Pennsylvania in my case) to stay with family, can we request that? Or
    do we have to get our own plane tickets if we're going to do that instead
    of getting the government issued plane ticket??

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    If I remember correctly, the government-issued plane ticket is only an option when you accept the itinerary that West Point lays out-----plane ticket, overnight in hotel, bus to WP.

    Something else I seem to remember and hopefully others will confirm this, you are only reimbursed the government rate for your ticket. I think I remember that some parents were upset that the plane ticket was much than they were reimbursed, so make sure you are clear on all of the details when you make your decision.
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    The government travel regulations are very strict. For an initial entry to the military (eg reporting to USMA) you are authorized travel from your home of record to the reporting location. The travel regulations do not authorize you the ability to stop off other locations.

    You would likely however be able to submit a travel claim after arrival and would be reimbursed the amount of the government cost of travel from your home of record to USMA which would, as pointed out above, likely be several hundred dollars less than what you pay to go to a different location.
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    Last June , my son wanted a "one-last-vacation-with-family" before reporting for R-Day.

    We booked a one-way ticket for him to Newark with a stopover at the vacation location - Florida. We all had a great time, and saw him off at R-Day. We also were able to upgrade him to First Class (a surprise gift) using frequent flier miles.

    Sometime during Beast he completed some forms indicating where he traveled from (PDX-EWR); no receipts, no explanation of the indirect route for travel to West Point.

    He was reimbursed direct to his new cadet account, the standard rate for travel and lodging between PDX and EWR. While fair, it did not reimburse him for any of the unrelated travel expenses.

    If he had used the WP offered travel, he would have received a one-way ticket to WP for the day before R-Day, gov't paid lodging for an overnight stay, meals, and transportation to WP on R-Day in time for in-processing. Some of his fellow new cadets from Oregon took the gov't transportation option.

    For appointees, your candidate portal will have info on the WP provided travel option.

    In other words, if you want to travel with your parents or meander around before R-day, it can be done. You just need to be sure to make your own arrangements and be sure to show up on time.

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