Govt Shutdown


Jan 22, 2018
Was wondering how a government shutdown affects USNA? Will it slow down the admissions process.
Possibly, if non-essential administrative personnel are furloughed. USNA is a non-operational training command, far back in the DOD priority queue behind operational units.

Plans for this eventuality will have been in place for some time; essential and non-essential roles, functions and staff will have been designated. Mids will get fed; some admin functions will not be done by the usual people. Military profs, even if unpaid on the next payday on the 1st, will pick up the slack for civilian profs placed on furlough. Ditto other jobs.

In Admissions, there may be slowing of updates, data entry, etc., because of fewer staff available. They have no choice. Even if civilians wanted to come into work, if placed on furlough, they may not.
My MID said they are going to their classes today with civilian instructors (absent) and doing homework. Hoping this shut down ends post haste.
These things hurt everyone. Federal civil service usually get their back pay. Contractors who serve the Federal govt, may or may not.