Mar 16, 2015
So i finished my first semester of college and I'm wondering how I'm standing. I had a 3.4559 cumulative with 2 A's in English/Philosophy/theology 6 credit class, 1 A- in calc II (3 credit), 1 B in bio (3 credit), 1 B in chem (3 credit), and a C+ in lab (1 credit course). I'm wondering how heavy that C+ in lab weighs especially since (in my opinion) it was extremely unfair since it curved to a B- in a class of 13 students.
No one here can really answer your "chance me". Your grades are solid and the C+ in a 1 credit lab course will not hurt too much, but obviously a B would be much better. It will all depend on how everything else that make up your whole candidate score grades out. But, you have proven you can handle a college level course load.