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    AS300 had rough semester--GPA 2.2-on scholarship-mechanical engineering--what will happen when he returns? 1 D, 1 F and rest grades A's and B's. Will retake one class this summer
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    What branch? DS has a 3 year AROTC scholarship and once contracted he is required to maintain a 2.0 overall GPA, a B or higher in ROTC and pass APFT each semester or year, not sure. Since he had a 3 year he had to have a 2.5 his freshman year, prior to contracting, and pass APFT.

    Not sure if I have helped.
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    Per the AFROTC regs,

    Any class retakes or F's will be a conditional event. There's also that 2.5 TGPA & CGPA (Term GPA & Cumulative GPA) requirement for scholarship cadets. Falling below either (CGPA & TGPA) also warrants a conditional event. However, due to his failing grades, that should only count as one CE, not two. If this is his first CE, his scholarship shouldn't be suspended. If this is his 2nd, then it may be suspended. Third = terminated (+ investigation for dis-enrollment).

    Notes from the regulations copied and pasted below:

    Note 1. If a cadet receives more than one failing grade (to include “I” incomplete) in the given term OR the TGPA drops below 2.5 as a result of failing grades in that term, only count as one CE. This rule does not apply to low TGPA and failing to maintain full-time student status, which would result in two CEs.
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    New regs came out in March. These are all separate and reasons for an academic CE:

    - Receipt of a “D” or “F” in any AS course (any term, including LLAB)

    - TGPA less than 2.5 (scholarship only)

    - TGPA below 2.0 during any term for all cadets

    - An “F” or “F equivalent” (e.g., “U” (unsatisfactory), “WF” (withdrawal, failing), “N” (no pass), or “NP” (not pass), or institutional equivalent).

    - Any grade which would require course repeat for degree credit.

    - An incomplete grade

    - Less than full-time status (not required in final term)

    Edit: I should add that the scholarship is suspended at the second academic CE and terminated at the third.
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    Has he completed his AS300 year, or is he going to start his AS300 year this fall? If he has already completed his AS300 year, then he's in a much better situation as his Field Training is already completed. If he hasn't attended his Field Training yet, he will be informed that he has lost his Field Training slot. Waivers for that can be submitted to attend it the following summer. His scholarship can be suspended for a single Conditional Event, depending on the exact situation, even though it's the first CE. This will be addressed when he signs the CE. In the end, it is recoverable. Hard work and a positive attitude will be the key upon his return, and he will get back into good standing without missing a beat. The thing to remember is that AFROTC does not regocnize the grade for retaking a course. Even if the school he attends does incorperate the new grade into the CGPA, AFROTC will not.