Gradschool after KP


Oct 9, 2023
I am interested to know about the option of attending grad school after KP.

Anyone know information about this? I know the other service academies have specific programs regarding this.
You will need to apply for a waiver to postpone your commitment to MARAD. For the most part its normally granted. Alot of guys who sail usually able to wing it and use the money for sailing to pay for grad school.
You only need the waiver if you want to go full time in lieu of sailing. If you go part time while you sail then no waiver is needed.

USMMA does not have a specific grad school program like the other service academies because the Merchant Marine is not a full time service like the services the other academies support.
My DS ran into a 2023 grad at Tulane University, who is pursuing a law degree under one of those waivers.
The waivers are not in any way guaranteed. They must be approved by the superintendent and are generally only granted if your grad school is directly related to the maritime industry. The regs also allow grad school if you are awarded a "prestigious national scholarship." However, when my DD was a finalist for a Fulbright Scholar award, she had absolutely no support from the administration.