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    Good afternoon all,

    I am currently a ms2 in the AROTC program at my university. After finals, I should hopefully have a 3.68 gpa average as a political science major. I know that my major classes will not be easy, but I am working hard to graduate magna cum laude.

    I understand that the Army has a gradso program and my plan is to make a career out of the military. I plan to attend a civilian graduate school for my masters, hopefully as a Captain if possible. Does anybody have advice on how one goes about applying for graduate programs as an Active-Duty Army officer.

    Thank you
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    Here's a 3 year old article from Army Times about just such a program:

    Of course, you could get your Master's via the GI Bill but that would mean a break from Army service & you stated you sought a military career.

    If you sought a legal, medical or chaplain career in the Army there's this program:

    Good luck Fed!
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    The Army discontinued the GRADSO program
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    Army Regulation 621–1
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    I took advantage of Advanced Civil Schooling (ACS) twice in my career. The first time was a Masters Degree that I got in preparation for a teaching position at West Point. So some ACS opportunities are tied to assignments. The second time I was selected to get a PhD. This was from my functional area (49A - Operations Research / Systems Analysis). Function Areas are not assigned until after you have served in your basic branch, typically through company command. These programs allow you to attend college full time and still receive your military pay. The downside is that while in school, you may find yourself less competitive for promotion as your cohort group is receiving OERs in operational units and you are not. Officers also do Masters programs on there own time (and dime) which keeps you in operational units, but it does not leave time for much else out of life. Tuition assistance may be available, so check your education center for more information.