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    Anyone know any specific things you must achieve in order to graduate the CGA? It's for a research essay but all I come across on google is admission stats. Thank you in advance.
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    Degree and Graduation Requirements

    1. Pass or validate every course in the core curriculum.

    2. Pass at least 37 courses of 3.00 credits or more.

    3. Complete the academic requirements for one of the majors.

    4. Attain an average GPA of at least 2.00 in all required courses in that major.

    5. Attain a cumulative GPA of 2.00.

    6. Be in residence at the academy for at least 4 academic years.

    7. Meet all physical fitness standards (+200 PFE) and minimum swimming

    8. Meet all military performance standards and professional development standards
      necessary to serve as an Ensign in the US Coast Guard, unless a commission will not
      be offered due to medical disqualification.


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