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Jul 17, 2006
Is there anyone who will be doing grassroots on Monday 27th? We are going to one.

Just was wondering since these cadets get to a longer Thanksgiving, how do they select the luck ducks who get 2 more days at home?
Current cadets from your area spend a couple hours talking to applicants about the academy and life as a cadet.

My spouse did this also 30 years ago as a cadet! Now my son will talk to current cadets, coming full circle.
I am not sure about "grassroots" and "luck ducks" at USAFA. However, at USNA only highly qualified midshipmen with commensurate GPAs and Professional Developement grades are allowed to participate in OpInfo.
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Just got back from Grassroots program. There were 6 cadets, no Doolies but 4-2009, 1-2008, 2-2007. There were 2 who ICAs track and soccer. Lots of good questions and answers.

The most interesting thing was a change. At the end of the cadets 3 dig year they will know if they are pilot qual or not. So they will be able to know before they start the 2 dig year and sign on for keeps. No one had the answer about waivers for eyesight, funny that one of the cadets dad works that issue for the AF.

One person in the class 2007 already had graduated from Notre Dame, then went to AFA.

Yes all the cadets who were there had to compete for the extra 2 days of thanksgiving leave and they did go to their old HS too.