Great news: In-state tuition for military families

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    I clipped this from my latest MOAA e-newsletter. It's excellent news for military spouses and children, improves on a benefit some states already offered.

    "In-State Tuition Set for Military Families

    As of July 1, military members, spouses and their college-aged youth are now guaranteed in-state tuition at public colleges and universities in the state where they reside or are permanently stationed. A MOAA-backed initiative, the in-state tuition directive, was approved by Congress as part of the Higher Education Act and became effective for enrollments after July 1, 2009.

    Most states already offered military families in-state tuition, but many did not allow for continuation of the in-state tuition rates once the military member relocated. This change takes care of that. Military families should no longer be subject to rate hikes if the military member PCSes from that state. If they have enrolled at a public college or university, then they will be able to pay in-state tuition rates as long as they remain continuously enrolled, even if the military member moves.

    It's possible though that some institutions may not be aware of the change. Service men and women who have questions should see the institution's registrar or the campus-based Veterans Affairs office, if there is one. Servicemembers may also contact the Department of Education's Ombudsman’s office (toll-free at 877 557-2575). "

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