Happy 222nd Birthday to America's oldest contiguous sea-going service

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    In 2011, over 43,000 active duty members, over 7,800 reservists, over 8,300 civilian employees, and almost 33,000 volunteer Auxiliarists:

    • Responded to 20,510 Search and Rescue cases and saved over 3,800 lives.
    • Removed over 166,000 pounds of cocaine bound toward the U.S. via the Transit Zone.
    • Continued the deployment of six Patrol Boats and 400 personnel to protect Iraqi critical maritime oil infrastructure and train Iraqi naval forces.
    • Provided security for over 230 military outload evolutions, which provided supplies to support Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom.
    • Conducted nearly 1,700 security boardings on High Interest Vessels bound for the United States.
    • Interdicted nearly 2,500 undocumented migrants attempting to illegally enter the United States.
    • Conducted over 10,400 annual inspections on U.S. flag vessels inspected and certificated in accordance with 46 Code of Federal Regulation (CFR) § 2.01-7.
    • Conducted over 9,500 Port State Control safety and environmental exams on foreign vessels entering U.S. ports.
    • Conducted over 6,200 Marine Casualty investigations, including over 4,200 marine casualties for vessels and more than 1,200 investigations for pollution from vessels.
    • Conducted over 46,000 recreational vessel boardings, issued over 8,000 citations, and visited 1,150 recreational boat manufacturers in conjunction with state efforts to provide education and ensure compliance with federal regulations.
    • Conducted over 5,500 fisheries conservation boardings.
    • Expended $127 million of the $142 million appropriated under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.
    • Investigated and responded to over 3,000 pollution incidents.
    • Verified more than 70,760 Transportation Worker Identification Credentials.
    • Screened over 472,000 vessels, including 122,000 commercial vessels and 28.7 million crewmembers and passengers prior to arrival in U.S. ports.
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    If we trace it back to the U.S. Lighthouse Service it's 223 years old.... but the Coast Guard has always liked its ships more.
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    And probably liked them to actually move.:thumb: Still the most under appreciated service.:wink:

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