Happy 239th Marines!

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    November 10, 2014 - USMC's 239th Birthday

    Excerpt from the Commandant's birthday message: "... As we celebrate our 239th birthday, Marines are in combat in Afghanistan. Since we last gathered to celebrate our Corps’ birthday, we also responded to crises in the Philippines, South Sudan, Libya, and Iraq.

    Some things change. This year found us in different climes and places that our predecessors in 1944 and 2004. We have adapted our organization, training, and equipment to the ever-changing operating environment. Some things remain the same. Marines attacked this year’s challenges with the same courage, commitment, loyalty, self-sacrifice, and adaptability as their predecessors in Peleliu and Fallujah. For that reason, on 10 November 2014, we Marines can look back with pride on our accomplishments- confident in our ability to meet future challenges... "

    To all those who came before, those now serving, and those who will step forward in the future - Semper Fi!
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    Commander gave them 10th and 11th off for Veterans Day an USMC Birthday. Semper Fi.:thumb:

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