hard to transfer major with scholarship?

Discussion in 'ROTC' started by mko1991, Apr 8, 2010.

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    Right now Im a high school senior with a NROTC scholarship to Arizona State University with my intended major being Civil Engineering, which is a Tier 2 major. Thing is, I want to change my major to Mechanical engineering, which is a Tier 1 major. Is there alot of paper work/hassle involved with a major or Tier change?

    :D thanks for the help.
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    Call your unit at the college
    During the summer my son received lots of paperwork from his unit - then he reported to school early for meeting with nrotc unit.
    My son signed a contract of some sort and on it it listed his major - unit told us that last year was the first year that the major was listed within hte document.
    My son was given a tier 2 - but he had to select a major for his school and one with closest fit was mechanical engineering - nrotc had no trouble with that listed on his paperwork.
    Since my son is at vmi and I dont know exactly about arizona - just call them or email them, -we found our nrotc unit VERY helpful and always willing to answer questions
    good luck!
    larrys mom

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