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    When applying to schools make sure you research what the average SAT/ACT acceptance rate is. If you are not in the top 10% of your class, have below a 1400 combine math/verbal, and your GPA is not above above a 3.5 unweighted, don't waste your time applying to an IVY league school like MIT. Look at the US top 100, they give a break down of acceptance for each school. Be realistic and realize though you are successful in high school and you may have over acheived at so much, that you are in a stack of kids just like you. Oh course if you have family that are alumni or your family donates a significant amount of money there is a possibility of getting into one of the top IVY league schools with lower scores, though not guaranteed at all. If you want to apply despite this, please do, just don't be too disappointed when not selected.

    I apologize for any grammer and/or spelling errors as I am typing from my phone.
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    P-Flying... my guess is you've had the pain of trying to help a few too many of your NROTC scholarship applicants who put one of those hyper selective schools as choice #1, were awarded the scholarship to one of them, yet didn't get in through admissions. Now your office is scrambling to find some room at a school they DID get into, yet those Units are already full.

    Sorry to hear that. Glad you posted that advice.

    P.S. The value of "legacy" or "donor status" has diminished significantly in the past 10-15 years. Legacy has very little value, and "donor" to be meaningful enough for the Development office to call the Admissions Office is now well north of eight figures. $5 million? fagetaboutit.
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