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Dec 30, 2007
I know it has been touched on here and there in a number of forums but I wanted to bring together one forum on the topic of hazing. There are a lot of military colleges/service academies and especially with some of the smaller ones it's hard to find out information in regard to hazing.

So my question is really, what kind of hazing occurs on the whole? I'm not talking too much about the "typical" stuff like yell louder, run there faster, stand straighter type of thing. Are there a lot of "college greek hazing" type like one I know of about a kid getting his starch strayed under his arms which burned (why genious was using lavender starch is beyond me). I'm talking about serious type events like those resulting in phyical or permenant injury or honor code problems and perhaps more importantly what happened to the cadets involved?

I am fortunate enough to be pretty well connected in regard to military colleges so these are the ones I know:
(the first was from the Citadel as are these) A knob (the same guy, he's not so bright) had a cadet punch a "blood badge" into his chest through his shirt until he bled, the cadet then instructed the knob to do the same to him with lesson of "you shouldn't do anything to a cadet you arn't willing to have done to you" (the badge was of importance for what that's worth).
A (different) knob was forced to do PT for an extended period of time (I think an hour plus) involving running up and down the spiral stair case and push ups for being late to a meeting even though he was given bad information. Although I don't think lasting injury occured he was worse for the wear. The cadets involved where expelled.

(At Norwich) A cadet (not sure of his class but his was a while back, it was my chief's nephew) had his ankle broken durring a hazing inccedent and lost his commission. I do not know what happend to the cadets involved.

(At VMI) I have heard (not from a source I know personally) that male cadets where (or are) known to play pornography on their computers and then sit in front of them while speaking to female cadets indirectly forcing them to watch.

I would like to hear any stories about hazing or views from grads regarding hazing and measures being taken to combat it.