Heading Up


USCGA 2006
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Nov 25, 2007
I will be heading up to New England this week. I will also be headed to good ole CGA to visit a couple of classmates, one on EAGLE, one a Naut Sci instructor, and one an Admissions Officer.

It's been 2.5 years since I've seen any of them...but I have a feeling it will feel like it was only yesterday...that's how it always is. :thumb:

I'll let you know how the place is looking.
I was there last week, it looks the same (winter dreary with all the leaves off the trees) other than the addition to Chase Hall and Eagle being docked at Ft Trumbull. And it appears that some type of walkway is being built behind the Alumni Center/Leamy Hall leading down to the soccer & baseball field.

Of course, if you're there next Tuesday afternoon (LMO for most) you may get run over by the mass exodus on Mohegan Ave. :wink:
Before the Alumni Center was there, there was a path we called the Rambo trail (for the first half year, I thought it was called the rainbow trail, which I thought was odd). When the Alumni Center went up, the trail disappeared, but it was quick so it's nice that they're doing this.

EAGLE has been at Ft. Trumbull for a while now, it's easier for them anyway.

I would love to see the new wing though, so I'll try to do that.