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Jul 1, 2008
My daughter is interested in the USCGA. She has been diagnosed with Advance Cercadian Sleep Disorder. Would this keep her from getting into the Academy?
Dear haysgret -- To provide a more specific answer, pls email me at I am the Deputy Director of the Department of Defense Medcial Examination Review Board...the organizaion that renders these determinations. While at face value, I would say yes, this would not meet medical accession standards, we would need to know the following: When was it diagnosed? By who? What impact does this general condition have on your daughter's specific functioning? And any other pertinent details that would assist DoDMERB or the USCGA (Medical waiver determination). Those answers, plus "copies" of her medcial records as it relates to this condition would allow us to give you and your daughter a more definitive answer to your question. Hope this helps