Hear Back From VMI

If I applied three weeks ago how long until I hear back if I got in or not. Thanks.

Spartanshock- I don't know the answer to that- I know that VMI is on a rolling admissions schedule and they process them pretty much as they receive them. Our experience with our son last year was that once the packet was complete (which was the challenging part making sure that his transcripts etc... were all complete and received ) he got notified relatively quickly.

SpartanShock117, many congratulations for being accepted to VMI!

Today I got the letter saying I have been accepted...Thank you

grats1 now that your accepted, you should come and see the school

i didnt realize how improtant that is until i started here. i'll bet a lot of those that quit the ratline, especially those that quit after only a day or two during hell week, never visited before they started.